Your phone system is one of the most important business tools you have, and in many cases it’s the only connection you have with your customers. Statistics show a positive first impression is made within the initial 5 seconds of a phone call, and that’s where we come in. Callers want to be helped when they call a business and they never want to hear dead-silence or terrible sounding music. We’ll make sure your phone system sounds great while providing your callers with the important, helpful information they need to do business with you. Our phone services will help you brand and distinguish your business from others, communicate important information, showcase different products and services, and more.

We have the expertise, experience and resources to produce and deliver the highest quality audio marketing voice-over recordings for all your telecommunications needs.

Our audio productions are produced & mastered in our 21st century, state-of-the-art engineering studios ensuring crystal clear quality over any phone system. We’re known for “Excellence In Service” in everything we do.

Messages & Music On-Hold is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach out and tell your callers how you can help them, why your business is different and compel them to take action now. Messages & Music On-Hold exemplifies a progressive, professional business image and philosophy. We’re experts at creating attention getting messages that will keep your callers informed about important company information, new products and services, industry news, updates and more; the list is endless.

Did you know:

  • Approximately 70% of business calls are placed on-hold.
  • 85% of callers prefer listening to messages while on-hold.
  • 48% of callers stay on-hold longer when listening to messages on-hold.
  • 40% of callers make buying decisions based upon the messages they hear.

A call on-hold is a “Golden” opportunity to turn wasted hold-time into “smart” marketing time to brand & market your business, attract new customers, generate sales, increase repeat business & more.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Do We Say In Our Messages?

      We’ll help you say whatever you would like to welcome callers to your business, provide important, helpful information, describe products, services and programs, provide business locations, hours, website information, employment opportunities and more. The list of topics is endless.

      We have written thousands of audio scripts and you may get involved as much or as little as you like. We’ll help you organize your thoughts, go to your website, review brochures and other information you would like included in your productions. Our team of scriptwriters will draft your script and email it to you for your approval and or changes. It’s that simple.

      What Voices & Music Are Used In Our Message Productions?

      We have a complete staff of male and female professional voice-talents specializing in voicing for the telecommunications industry. We are also foreign language voicing specialist and can provide our services in any language you desire. Our extensive library of business music ensures the production of creative, entertaining and effective messages & music your customers will love.

      You may  click on “Audio Samples” located in the top menu of this website to listen to and choose the specific voices and music to be used in your audio productions or just tell us what you would like and we will choose for you.

      What Type Of Equipment Is Used For Messages & Music On-Hold?

      The Telecommunications Industry is continually changing and all phone systems are different. Many phone systems require a digital message announcer to play the messages & music through the hold circuit of the phone system. Newer phone systems have this capability already built-in. If your phone system requires a digital announcer, don’t worry.

      With most service levels, we provide the latest in digital message announcer technology “free” as part of our service. We provide our services in any production format your phone system requires: MP3, Wav, Data, CD and others. We specialize in VoIP systems, internet based remote- load systems as well as providing multiple location management. We provide ongoing technical support and assistance “free” to all our clients.

      What Else Should I Know?

      Since 1993, we have provided the finest in professional business voicing, licensed music, audio marketing production & digital equipment to clients from coast to coast and several foreign countries. Today, our services are “proudly heard around the world”.