Audio Marketing

Professional Voicing, Licensed Music & Audio Marketing Production Turns Phone Systems, Websites &
Marketing Programs Into Advanced, Powerful Communication Tools!

The Power Of Voicing, Music & Audio Production For Marketing Programs

When it comes to business, silence is never “Golden” and that’s why Audio Marketing Production from Voice Marketing Technologies is a powerful tool to have in support of your marketing programs. By adding a voice and music to your marketing programs you will capture and retain your customer’s attention and retention. Facts are, people retain only 10% of what they read and only 20% of what they hear, however they retain over 50% of what they read and hear. That’s why voicing and music added to marketing programs will grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand recognition, motivate customers to take action, make purchases and more.

We have the “Best” voices and audio engineers in the business and will make sure your marketing programs are a true success. By going to our Audio Samples page you may choose the voices and music to be used in your audio marketing productions or we’ll choose for you based upon our experience. No matter what the marketing program is, we can give it a voice!

Our Voice-Over Audio Production Services Will:

  • Brand and distinguish your business from all others.
  • Promote different products and services.
  • Communicate important, helpful information.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Generate sales.
  • Increase repeat business & more.

Voice-Over Audio Production Services For IT Applications
Professional business voice-overs & licensed music transforms commercials, business presentations, training programs, youtube & video applications, store overhead messaging, point-of-purchase audio productions, public service announcements & more into powerful marketing tools to help you brand and market your business.